Lyrics: Queen Ifrica – Mi Nah Rub

Queen Ifrica lyrics Mi Nah Rub
Queen Ifrica Mi Nah Rub lyrics

{Verse 1}
My complextion is betta than eeever
Mi nah go bleach it out so
It betta yes it betta than eeever
Brown skin, a nuh fi everybody so bleaching you Fi top it from you do that to you skin that mean Seh you nuh love yourself
Jah mek you perfect so no judge yourself
The person weh a tell you seh black nah wear Again insecure with themself so nuh follow dem
Mi nah bleach mi no care if dat a di trend proud To be black as a matter of fact I have no white Gut without teach mi anything wrong
You waan mi die lose mi colour cause you think It too strong side effect a skin cancer dat a One plus mi know, waan fi look like nuh purple Dragon alright then.

Ah nuh everybody a rub, ah nuh everybody a rub
Not because Grace and Jack and him Granny a rub
Nuh mean so everybody a rub.

{Verse 2}
See you pon di corner with you thuggy thuggy Ways but mi can’t understand mek you go bleach Out yo face, mi did love you when you black mi Nah lie, but now when mi see you mi just feel Like fi cry, In all my life I have never seen
One skin weh did blacker than barber green
Get paler than Michael and Billie Jean
It’s like you always celebrating Halloween
It might look like seh things well nice and Pretty ya now, skin brown and a glisten Everybody a wow, but wait til tommorow di Beginning a you sorrow when you brain start melt Left you morrow inna a hard rotten.

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
How you think di Almighty feel fi know him nah Go recognize you pon di day when him bust di Seal, di voice sound the same but you nuh look Di same man nah a guh have nobody but unno self To blame, release yo self bust up di mental Chain nuh mix no more toothpaste with nuh banana Stain can’t walk inna sun now you turn vampire
Skin a burn like seh when gas mix with tire
But all is not lost all you need is prayer
Remember self destruction a between you and jaj Jah so nuh follow de-vi-l dat kill yourself Right down, strong up and nuh mekki devil tempt You, yes a only babylon a try a thing fi cramp You, don’t be ungrateful to the father nuh try Go round di yard a life or death a which a one Of dem you rather alright’en.

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}