Lyrics: Queen Ifrica – Mek Mi Grow

Queen Ifrica lyrics Mek Mi Grow
Queen Ifrica Mek Mi Grow lyrics

Wi a say tomorrow

From dem mad dem a go round deh you know
My girl mi a come to mi madda a go do my school wreck and
Education come first(you can’t see)

No bwoy caan drive mi round no corner
Fi go show mi no iguana
So low mi mek mi grow
A dat you fi know
No bwoy caan drive mi round no corner
Fi go show mi no banana
A dat you need fi know

{Verse 1}
(Listen this)
My body is the temple of the most high
Plus mi nah go mek you disrespect mi school time
Beg you low mi mi mek mi get mi education
Cause mi woulda love fi help mi madda sufferation
Mi nah go mek you mek mi miss my graduation
Pinch leave an inch and roll weh yuhself
Since you love sex so much
Dweet wid yuhself
Brutalize walk but sleep wid yuhself
Cah mi sure seh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Yuh caan tek my virginity
Cause that a God precious gift to me
If it makes you feel good to sleep wid children in yuh rampin’ shop
Well don’t badda worry when di lightning clap
Leave the pickney dem alone go look yuh age nuh man
Yuh better think twice just before yuh tek another one
Send mi home to mi madda you will feel like a betta man
Leave us to bloom
Cah mi sure

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Hold on now
Tell mi supm
Weh di big bredda dem deh
Fi di likkle sista dem
Why every song weh unno sing haffi debut unda dem
Why you nuh teach dem fi build like song more Etana dem
With the verse weh you haffi likkle?
Your madda neva teach you fi love your sista
What you’re doing is not different from di child molester
So be a betta brodda to your likkle sista
Not every good girl gone bad some a dem trust inna god

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}