Lyrics: Queen Ifrica – Born Free

Queen Ifrica lyrics Born Free
Queen Ifrica Born Free lyrics

Long live the memories
Of ma brother gitsey hey

Born free and that’s all I’m gonna say I am
A decendant of the earth I nuh pagan
Don’t you believe that yuh can take away ma pride
‘Giddeon boot kick yuh mek yuh slide

Firm inna ites I guh seek haila mount ‘ion
Neva wanna get caught in dem corruption
A new set a free generation a rise up
And to I dat is enough

{Verse 1}
If a neva fi di one missa big poverty wouldn’t be
And all who a fight inna earth should agree
A nuh one a nuh two, every nation a plea
And all dem a ask is a chance to be free
Uh huh

Leave those refugees
They only wanna save their families

War have made them very unhappy
Yuh better mek ammends and make it snappy
May day may day do you copy
Pick up the phone you’re acting crappy

Come to di children rescue
You can run dem or let dem get you
I dis here fi keep and care dem
So just give us what we need
Don’t tell us you’re not willing
Cause it’s just because of greed
[Repeat Chorus:]
{Verse 2}
I speak on behalf of di people
And dem seh fi bun yuh out because yuh evil
Di rice weh yuh gi dem fi eat full a weeble
Di drinks weh yuh gi dem fi drink full a needle
Fake as eva dat’s why wi nuh feel yuh
War unuh love but a reason I a reason
Bout di famine and disasta weh tek hold inna AFRICA
Break down di walls a genocide inna darfur
More blood stain di villages g8 seh nuh more
Find it in yuhself fi give a answer to di poor
Awright den

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Revolute it nuh cute
Kill di vine build di root
Neva mind dem yah brute
Come clean to di yute
Stop poison di fruit
Everyting yuh pollute
Unuh rob unuh rape unuh rape unuh shoot

{Chorus: x2}