Lyrics: Movado – Disrespect

Movado lyrics Disrespect
Movado Disrespect lyrics


Yow raga some bwoy a laga
Man a meck dem blood run like agua yo see it
Yow jah know star dem just wan mi get dark again yo see it

Steven the last time mi check check
Mi no take disrespect no
A no match a no ref
The K clap over yo head left you deft

Yeh the last time mi check check
Mi no take disrespect
Tell dem nothing no corperset
12 gage bullet top off yo breath

{Verse 1}

Mi love when dem gang up and group up
That meck dem easy fi shoot up
Bwoy lay down ina box well suit up
Bus the rifle the mango three root up
Bwoy coulda thick like brutos
Mi no poppoye such mi shoot first
From Belize meck him wheeze like locus
Me popped off and kill white locus
Mi no shoot and mist a no silly me
Pu**y to the gully you a mine me
Half a lass chap you ina tree
Look steven go dash you ina sea
Hype dem a hype dem fi fall
Fi kill dem mi no business at all
Cassava piece Mobay to white hall
The K’s dem a call lick out dem eye ball

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Mi and mi guns dem a role 45 a gold mi love the activity
Tampson haggle fold
Bus it hot left you cold
Cloth it ina you vicinity
Dem shoulda never meck mi get evil
Steven dem know mi love murder people
No drive by a walk by no use vehicle
50 caliber the eagle
Some pu**y wa live ina dem place and man tax dem
Wear man pants and man box dem
Mi bad from long time ask the cops dem
The K’s dem tall like the mops dem
Me wi meck yo disappear meck yo stop spend
Yo love the mixup mi meck you stop blem
Friday the thirteenth rise the ox dem
Parana’s out try stop dem

{Repeat Chorus}

Yow you done know how it go yo no G
Caw we a di real G
Yo see it
Now you done know dem love talk dem love blob
Kingston to Mobay this is the gully god
Leave de mina hole bleeding like some stuff hog
Matter a fact
Mi done chat am out

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  1. Lovin’ it. Wicked! 🙂