Lyrics: Cherine Anderson – Talk If Yuh Talking

Cherine Anderson lyrics Talk If Yuh Talking
Cherine Anderson Talk If Yuh Talking lyrics

This one goes out to all real wife
Stay by you man side when him never have a dime
Now him find some new ‘ting’ fi climb
Mek him know you nah leave till yuh get whats yours

Talking if you talking
Walking if you walking
This house I/’m not leaving
Baby I/’m not joking

Does she touch you like I do
kiss you like I do
In bed does she scream your name
when you were sick & in pain
in a hospital bed
who would bathe you and feed you baby
So now you have money & fame
Everyone’s calling your name
But don/’t you forget
It was just you and me
In a tenament yard pon one single bed

Talk if yuh talking
Walk if yuh walking
This house I/’m not leaving
Baby I’m not joking
Talk if yuh talking
Walk if yuh walking
Sort out di someting
I’m taking my share

{Vs2 }
Im not gonna argue
Not gonna fight you
Not gonna call you names
Say what you want to
Cuss if you have to
Boy you should be ashamed
She aint gonna feel my pain
She reigning on my parade
But what goes around
Comes right back around
You’ll both get what you deserve

{Repeat Chorus}

You coulda cuss
You coulda buss
You coulda bawl
Mi waan di house
Mi waan di car
Mi want it all
So tell yuh new chick she nuh fi leave har yard
Tell har mek space fi yuh suitcase and all
How quickly yuh forget
A me did deh deh when yuh couldn’t pay the bill
Drop out a school and my tuition
Use support yuh music thing
I was di day shift
di late shift
Come back and was yuh night shift
Support dis
We build dis
Put up wid all yuh slackness
Yuh shoulda never break mi heart
Cause promise me til death do us part
Monkey see
Monkey do, monkey fall
But will she be there when yuh pocket nuh tall

{Repeat Chorus}