Lyrics: Aidonia – Funeral

Aidonia lyrics Funeral
Aidonia Funeral lyrics

Mack 97.62 bus shot out yo eye ball
People run out a dem yard and a shout o lord
Rifle chap open dem head wid bare iron ball

{Verse 1}

Mack 90 clap mighty Head bus ina sky almighty
And no pu**y caw use trap style mi
A bay rifle live up round mi nightly
3 piece ina face barbecue hot spicy
Mi dog dem no bite foot like spiky
Pan day man ae one Sing like Ranisley
Nop strop full a shot strop wisely
Mi friend sizey deh beside mi
Wid the Minnie K name black chine
Top snippy clap you drop nicely
Head bus body nuh rat micey
Kill dem middle day mi face mi no hide hi
A we dem a crack dem window fi try si
Kick fat juicy wid mi high top nighty
People caw talk she dem see

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Mack 90 a the bone cruncher
Bush master the real hunter
303 old still thump And no capture nothing like no phone screen muncher
Shot bus belly loose air well puncher
Take yo lifeless body fi the vulcher
R board box ply sheet lumber
Rifle bus place shake feel lumber
None a mi gun dem no suffer from hunger
Mi get a bunch a banana
Fi the minie K wa sharp like a plunger
Swell you up like you feed pan bulgier
Vroom fifle loud than Volga
Bus it such just talk and dead
Mack 90 lift up and we walk pan dem
Brahma wid hi tall one dem

{Repeat Chorus}