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Tyrese, Genuwine, And Tank Officially Launched TGT R&B Group [Video]

Veteran singers Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank are on a mission to bring back old school R&B music.

The three veteran R&B singers came together to form the new group TGT for Tyrese, Genuwine, and Tank. The group recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records that will see them releasing new music in the near future.

“It’s called bringing that real thing back…real men, real singing, real love,” Tanks said, while Tyrese called the group “The Avengers.”

“While y’all sleeping, we creeping,” Ginuwine said in a promo video released online.

The trio are currently in the studio working on their debut album under the group’s moniker TGT.


  1. It’s Finally Official- TGT<3.

  2. We miss the real R&B from the 90s but can these guys really do. lets see