Lyrics: Vybz Katel Ft. Black Ryno – Broken Cry

Vybz Katel and Black Ryno lyrics Broken Cry
Vybz Katel and Black Ryno Broken Cry lyrics

It’s clear to me
Knooow these people

Madda bawl wen she see har son die (hear that broken cry)
Jacket and tie (hear that broken cry)
School fee get suh high
Food prices gon sky high
Mi want ah work but mi nuh see noweh fi apply
Ask di juvenile dem if you tink ah lie
You fi (hear that broken cry)
You fi (hear that broken cry
You fi (hear that broken cry)
Black rhyno come teach dem

{Verse 1}
Mi nuh trust inna di leader dem
Di promise! mi nah go believe agen
Cah! cop sign inna di country
Nuh matta how we fight we nah guh get rid ah dem
Church money a fi di preacha dem
Bere set ah speech from di speaker dem
But all dem a talk dem still nuh (hear that broken cry)
Di youte dem hungry
Ah pree fi draw fi dem pumpy
But you cyah fight crime wid police
You haffi fight crime wid luxury
N inna we heart mi kno seh selassie I love we
But jacket and tie man still nah (hear that broken cry)


{Verse 2}
I have a dreamm
Fi own big house, chauffer wid limozine!
I have a dreamm
Fi every ghetto youte elevate inna dem scheme
I have a dreamm
Fi di system try supply and not deny
Dem fi ansa wen we reply
Come sit dung an (hear that broken cry)
Why police ah victimize
Politicians a give we lies
Gyal a sell di tits di thighs
Right infront them pitney eyes
No way nuh pay fi dem (learn from di elders)
Listen to di baby dem (hear dat broken dry)

{Repeat Bridge}

{Repeat Chorus}

“Black rhyno come teach dem”