Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – My Senorita

Vybz Kartel lyrics My Senorita
Vybz Kartel My Senorita lyrics

Yuh pu**y happy and yuh kno
Tip up pon yuh toe
Ride like a rodeo
You jus a mek me c**ky grow
How me love yuh soo

{Verse 1:}
Gyal a you hav on di tightest punanny
Ah you me wah fi fling di pu**y pah me
You nuh green like di helmet inna di army
Me hav a sausage yah fu yuh salami
Me horny
Propa daggerin calm down me bring it wid me
Me love yuh pu**y but me nah go mek it kill me
Me c**ky long soh me shub it mek it touch yuh kidney
She sidung pan it like chimney fi izzle a chimney

A yuh way a yuh wine
Gyal yuh a di pleaser
Squeeze up di pu**y pan me like a tweezer
Yuh pu**y mek yuh fly
Mek yuh have yuh visa
See it ya My Senorita
Me wah more a di lovin
Weh yuh give me last nite
Everytime me hold yuh body
Gyal me feel alrite
Me wah fling some fu*k
Gyal yuh know me nah bite
Gyal me nah fight
Mek yuh feel alrite

{Verse 2:}
Galang gyal
Yuh no many bany
A no soh yuh stay
Some gyal a ketch di shubby
Every man a get a play
Go deh ya fu rae
Tony di netha day
Any man come inna yuh bedroom affi stay
Gyal yuh kno fi quint up di pum pum away
Fu*k me mek me feel happy like me birthday
Pu**y to c**ky, cut out di four play
Dat a fi bowas
Dat a fi gay

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Bridge}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

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