Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – Money On Scale

Vybz Kartel lyrics Money On Scale
Vybz Kartel Money On Scale lyrics

Weh yuh seh
Good ova evil
Money green (green. green)
Me wah million US inna my jeans
Dat a real high screen
Yeah, yeah mi think bout dat
Soh me talk to di ghetto youth dem inna My Scheme
Haha, yuh head get hot
Me nuh kno if cofin fit you
But it don’t fit me
Every black man born fu mek dollars

Ey, if me bruk last year
Dis year me nah fail
Me wah weigh my money pan scale
Buy out di world if di world for sale
Me wah weigh my money pan scale
See di thugs dem
Dis a fi di female
Me wah weigh my money pan scale
Bare money, bare money
Me wah weigh money, weigh money, weigh

{Verse 1:}
My bankbook fi weigh hundred million pound
Sterling, time fi me earing, earing
God show me a sign seh me a go get rich
Me hand it burning, it burning
Dem seh rich man a go hell inna di Bible
We done go and returning
Ghetto youth affi see di table turning
Addi Di Teacha,
Higher learning

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2:}
Ey, a nuh likkle bit a try my daddy try
A nuh likkle bit a cry my mommy cry
Why black people affi dead and go heaven
Fi get dem salvation inna di sky
Me wah mind pon earth
Me nah satisfy
Rhyno buy car how dat is fly
How me fu wait til me go dead
Fi a fly with angel (ehem)
A di wackest fly
Mansion inna di hill me fi occupy
High grade me fi smoke til me rocket high
Thousands a woman my ego fi gratify
Panty dem affi fly
Dat da weh me proficy
Chinci, sing inna me head like la-la-bye
Convict me to money
Proverty me ally buy
If me youth hungry me cry like sumaddy die
Di youth dem a Portmore seh dem nah get poor

{epeat Chorus}

{Repeat Bridge}

{Repeat Chorus}