Lyrics: Vybz Kartel Ft. Black Ryno – Gaza Christmas

Vybz Kartel and Black Ryno lyrics Gaza Christmas
Vybz Kartel and Black Ryno Gaza Christmas lyrics

Intro: Vybz Kartel
True me seh haha
Dem seh dem kill santa
But a couldn’t me
Me murda santa from 2003

Black Rhyno:
How you mean me daddy

{Chorus: Black Rhyno}
First day a christmas somebody play 3
Walk pon di gully pappy bring di KG
Me carry one pon a shot
K me a clap dat
Fling di grinch inna di christmas tree

{Vybz Kartel:}
Den Rhyno
Gaza man done kill Santa Claus, pa ra pa pam pam (ra pa pam pam)
Pu**y dis a nuh cheeleader pom pom, pa ra pa pam pam (ra pa pam pam)
Drive by pon di slay inna di red tam, pa ra pa pam pam (ra pa pam pam)
Fling chop inna dem head
Fire shot and throw bomb badman nuh talk long a ra pa pam pam

{Verse 1: Vybz Kartel}
Hey nuh mix me wid santa
A bare gun Addijah sponsor
Memba me badda than cancer
Drive by pon yuh ends inna lancer
Me shudda mek Lisa Hype kill him
Cause a gyal kill him gyal tongue father
And every man pon di gaza a badman mhm
None a dem eva was a barber
Fi get christmas gift, christmas day, boxing day
Tell me which one you rather
Or di one inna di black, dog face one
Two a dem a bigger lady than shebada
Dem don’t bad like Black Rhyno enuh

{Black Rhyno:}
Wah gwan daddy

Vybz Kartel:
Wah gwan dada
Rise every armor mek we circle pon dem corner
And turn di whole a dem inna a goner

Black Rhyno:
From a duppy fi mek
Me rise every rifle and every tech
From me daddy seh roll out me ready fi step
Ready fi kill every wanksta badman a nuh santa
Pu**yhole a get bullet inna a chest him a rock
Bwoy windpipe pack up like cassette inna deck
All yuh gyal weh a sleep a get kwef inna bed
Rifle bines leff inna heeeeaaaaad

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2: Black Rhyno}
And before warning bleach pon di grinch early inna di morning
Man haffi a get up and run off di banking
When daddy walk pon di bridge wid di long ting
Bwoy ah nuh ramping
Or di dog weh a bling get bullet inna chest and inna hand king
Boy chop up
When di rifle say “abuma yeah” like swamp king

{Vybz Kartel:}
Dis a nuh christmas treat
Pu**y think a Santa Claus a come but it’s just me
Rrifle shot a string dem up inna di christmas tree
Me ketch di pu**yhole dem pon dem a discuss me
Shot a crawl pon him like crab inna di barrel
Face mash up like seh me crush it wid a car wheel
Police nuh know di blood different from the sorrel
Me a bury dem boxing day nuh quarrel

{Repeat Chorus}