Lyrics: Aidonia – Sick Nuh

Aidonia Sick nuh lyrics
Aidonia lyrics Sick nuh

Yow fuc**ng hell
Mad no r*ss
Sick no fu*k
Yow babby lee unity
Deablo tell dem no man

[Verse 1]

No gal caw sit-down ina bad man face like toilet seat

C*cky shub up ina gal private spleat

Shi bubble pan the c*cky and ride it sweet

Bad man fu*ck gal hard our team no join wid freaks

Nothing we no try wid teeth

No bwoy caw style we cleat

Fu*k face chop out yo tongue dem caw find him teeth

Shab one bad out a road island street

Nine we beat

Bwoy we bleed

You find him deep

6 foot 6 or shallow grave john crow fly and eat

Ju ju ju have the glack 17 the 21 hi man beat

Some bwoy family a cry an weep

Black south flowers dem buy an rewet

Hey mi work hard play hard stay guard

Mi K tall Mi stay scheming

Bwoy try nothing the K squeeze him a great feeling

Big u clans and wanada banana K get like weh the ape eatig
Bwoy chat tough get a face beating

Unity lef dem ain’t breathing


The bwoy dem easy fi kill dem love sit-down pan wall

Mi creep up pan bwoy my rifle tall

The quicker them talk the faster dem go

Buss shot ina dem face the only thing we know

[Verse 2]

Shot fly through him eye ball socket him hold up him hand a try an stop it

Finger buss off thr nine ball pop it

Body stink fly and maggot

Shot ina a clip jump like a wild man rabbit

When the MP five on rapid

But mi love cures the chigger and squeeze it slow like a line of traffic

Pu**y make tough talk try and stop it

Wi make morrow fly like it tie pan rocket wi style dem crabbit

Ina dem face we out out the sklif we just light an ash it

Walk and knock or drive and stop it

Try make news time crime and watch it

Knife buss throat like goat mi no lef mi 3 star sharpen file and ratchet

R*ss cloth deablo tell dem we no play we no piano

If the gun caw go deh such mi naw go

Yeh mi spar wid pay man pirano

Yow deablo she him have a gal fi mi meck mi see are no

Hahaha yeh hombre

Mi done give dem bout how much bar so mi no affi give dem no more
Hear yeh hombre