Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – Me In Love

Vybz Kartel – Me In Love
Vybz Kartel – Me In Love

Can I sing a love song for you

Dedicate to di good ole woman
Gyal yuh pu**y good good
Weh yuh get da good Pu**y deh (mm mm)
Gyal me and yuh fi a fu*k, foreva

Me in love
With yuh pum pum gal
Mi seh yuh pu**y good good gal
Mi fling weh di boots cah mi waan gi u a baby
C**ky up inna yuh pum pum
Mek mi choke u, while mi fu*k u
Long c**ky up inna yuh bombo
When it slidin, try nuh runnin out gal
Long c**ky up inna yuh bombo

[Verse 1:]
Hold on
Yuh pu**y tight it hol’ mi c**ky and strangle it
Baby, yuh know seh yuh cyan hangle it
Dat feel nice, when yuh hol mi balls and juggle it
Dat feel nice, choke pon c**ky but nuh vomit it

Mi tell mi friend dem seh yuh bad enuh
Yuh nuh see how dem a watch yah, when you come around
Mi know seh dem waan beg u a fu*k
Too how mi hype up yuh pu**y and yuh mouth

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Mi buk up pon a tight pum pum
Long time addi been searchin
Mi memba mi fu*k a bagga virgin
Yuh mek mi feel like when mi a thirteen
Mi call u pon mi digicelly
Mi seh mek wi go lie mi nuh shelly
Likkle more when mi inna yuh belly
Mi in joy, mi in happiness

[Repeat Chorus:]

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