Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – You A History

Vybz Kartel dancehall song You A History lyrics
Vybz Kartel You A History lyrics

[Vybz Kartel:] Hello
[Random girl:] Kartel how mi a call yuh phone and yuh nah ansa?
[Vybz Kartel:] [kisses teeth]
[Random girl:] Ooh suh yuh have plans? Suh yuh nuh wah mi n yuh link? Tell me enuh
[Vybz Kartel:] My girl mi can tell yuh sumn?
[Random girl:] Wah?
[Vybz Kartel:] Yah hear mi a seh?
[Random girl:] Mhmm
[Vybz Kartel:] Yow stop call mi phone
[Random girl:] Suh wah mek you a gwaan suh?

[Verse 1:]
Gyal you try fi destroy me but mi survive it,
Mi nuh love you no more baby (Jah know)
Mi remember (oh!) when you seh to me
Baby mi love you God know me will never leave,
You should’nttell me weh u neva mean
All a the ting dem weh yuh seh mi will never feel
Mhmm heartache weh you gi to me (nananana) this love coulda never be,
Looking at shattered dreams, memories nooo this a nuh mystery you a history

Baby mi did love you, you diss me fi no reason mhmm
When mi want you, you nuh want mi not even mhmm
Mi learn fi forgive and fi forget yeah! a-ah
Mi doh love you no again this a no mystery you a history

[Verse 2:]
Mi remember time after time you seh a love like yours mi will never find
And time after time baby you diss mi and tell mi a bag a lie
Mi feel seh you sleep with a fren of mine
Mi a pree Pimpin’ mi a pree Milla Nine
Mi nuh wah see you back no time
Nooo! This anuh mystery you a history

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Random girl:] Suh wah mek u a gwan suh?

[Repeat Verse 1:]
[Repeat Chorus]