Lyrics: Vybz kartel – Life Sweet

Vybz kartel dancehall song Life Sweet lyrics
Vybz kartel – Life Sweet lyrics

Hey russian!
Weh dem call police fah
Dem cya stop the crime
Ghetto youth waan money fi spend
That’s why so much man a dead

Na na na na na na
Life sweet
Na na na na na na
Life sweet
Na na na na na na
Life sweet
Na na na na na na
Life sweet

[Verse 1:]
Ghetto youths have it harda
Nuff a we nuh grow with no fadda (no fadda)
So we end up tun gangsta
Nuff a dem sell out and a move like chebadda
Then nuff time mi get up and mi nah hav a dime
Pocket empty but a bare shot inna mi nine
Dem new radio car cyann stop no crime
Mi a talk from mi heart dem a waste time
Dem nuh wah ghetto youth fi hav nuh things
So when you see blood a run like drinks
Do no call no police just call di brinks
Cause a money ghetto youth waan

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Mi neva have nobody fi stretch mi hands to
Neva have no rich uncle fi seh thanks to
Then feds a lock up man fi sell weed,
Yuh honor tell me wa you waan Lance do
Nuff time mi a pree seh guy fi die
Cah when mi look inna mi pickney eye
Shawty seh food fi buy a cry mi cry
Me bankbook empty mi pocket dry
Nuff yute nuh live fi pass grade nine
If a nuh gun man a 1-1-9
And mi God and mi gun protect mi life
Mi nah gi it weh so easy

[Repeat Chorus:]

Me know say life nice,
As bad as him be
Me know say him nuh wah dead.
Den, Jesus Christ,
Tell me why society try stop
Ghetto yute corn bread
Dats not nice
Cah dem know youth a go rise up
And buss coppa and lead,
And end up wanted. But memba…

[Repeat Chorus:]

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