Lyrics: Vybz kartel – Leadeth Me

Vybz kartel Leadeth Me lyrics
Vybz kartel lyrics dancehall song Leadeth Me

[Intro: Vybz Kartel]
Lord is my shepherd
And I shall not want

Selassie I
Guide mi with your light mmm
Ghetto youth nah stop get fight
But still mi haffi give thanks fi life
Jah kno

[Chorus: Jah Vinci]
In pastor script (wooohhh)
Jah leadeth me
From whom, wicked people heart
Deliver me
Ghetto youth waan rise
Babylon a hold dem down
Police a shoot dem down
Money nah run
Mi nuh see nobody with none
Poverty deh everywhere mi tun

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel]
Thank you Jah fi mi see another day
Mi see Gericho Wall haffi fall so mi pray
Move di obstacles dem inna mi way
Mi well waan pay off da lighta bill
Dem a gi mi cyan get a work how mi fi get pay
Mi youth fi go school when di fuss dollar a day
Cry fi di juvenile dem weh go stray
Babylon kill dem off everyday, jah kno

[Repeat Chorus: Jah Vinci]

[Verse 2:]
Jah give mi strenght
Dem cyan see no death yah
Waan see mi lose everything weh mi sweat fah
Till mi see di shadows of death and mi memba
Jah shine him light every step a mi saviour
Selassie I
How where would I be
Many a call but he chose mi
Mi pray Jah deliver me
Protect mi from mi enemies

[Vybz Kartel:]
Protect mi from all a di heathen and all a di [?]
Who dem a sleep pon di cold concrete dem
Trigga [?] like dem nuh see dem
Youth at di stoplight who a go treat dem
Won’t afford cause a you mi a feed dem
If you stop teacha a come unity end
Mi nuh see JLP, mi nuh seh PLP
Selassie I mi seh till mi seh end

[Repeat Chorus (2X): Jah Vinci]

[Repeat Verse 1: Vybz Kartel]

[Repeat Chorus: Jah Vinci]