Lyrics: Mavado – Money 

Mavado Money lyrics
Mavado lyrics Money 

See it clear say dem sell out dem soul
And ah just thru funny,
Just thru money dem move
Funny, just thru money, money
We mek dem know

Money cya buy life but
Money buy many other things
Money gi yuh a lot of fake friends
But careful of them cah dem will kill yuh fi yuh things
Money cya buy wife but
Money buy big house and bling bling
Money mek a lot of gyal love you but
Nuff ah dem gal yah just ah f yuh fi your things

[Verse 1:]
It funny, how nuff ah move funny thru money
Mek dem see the stop sign and go runnin
Mek dem cya come ah road when it sunny (yeah)
So me send dem down ah madden
You shoulda wait for your time like laden
Nuff bow out and nuff go turn faggen
Well ah funeral bell and body baggen
To all me black prince and black queen
Don’t be no drag queen, don’t go pon the fag team
Him think jah nuh see him, when him bow out inna the scheme
Just thru money him unclean.

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Ah righteousness me ah preach
Watch the words wey you teach
Ah nuff ah nyam the gal dem like peach
Righteousness me ah teach
Watch the things wey you teach
Ah teach the youths fi tattoo up and bleach
You shall die in your sleep
Yuh mama buying your reet
Rifle shot fly in yuh jeep
Ah di devil you seek
Now you ah beg and beseech
You gone to di maggage and di leech
And ah just thru

[repeat Chorus:

Hey, Stephen
Ah nuh just thru
Money weh cya buy life
Money buy many otha thing
Big ship
Gully god ah sing
Yeah, it’s an alliance thing
Daseca, madd