Lyrics: Mavado – A So You Move 

Mavado A So You Move lyrics
Mavado lyrics A So You Move 

Da one ya nuh evil
God knows
A just to how dem move (dem move, yeah)
We need some change round here (true)
A warn to dem
Mr. big man

A just to how yuh move (yeah)
Yo me see it inna di Star
And me hear it pon di news
God knows
Unu wah fi stop di music
Yuh wah stop mi food (Selassi)
And di yute dem vote
And dem cyaa buy a shoes
A so unu move
A just to unu move (yeah)
Yuh a collect di tax money
And yuh gone pon cruise
And yuh plan to ban di bip
Seh you nah ban di blues (nah ban di blues)
Unu stay confuse (unu stay confuse)
A soh yuh move (a soh yuh move)
Wen a nuh soh yuh fi move (God knows)

[Verse 1:]
God knows
Me a talk
Me a said it
Me a voice
Da one yah widout edit
Me nuh care
Cause a dem first a beg it
Stop as it is me a said it (who)
And me nah look no credit
Ova di years
Bare youth a did it
Nuff get coppa
Nuff get lead it
Corrupt cop kill you
And you don’t get fi fled it (wait)
Who talk fi di poor
Stand up pon yuh foot
And go walk fi di poor (Jah kno)
The poor feel insecure
At any givin time
Dem kick off dem door
Yuh waah my madda fi clean floor
Yuh nuh waah yutes fly out pon tour
Yuh waah my daughta tun wh-re
And me son tun gun man
Me nuh waah dat no more

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
It’s real
Tell me how yuh feel
When yuh see di yute pan di street
Dem a rob and dem a steal
Yuh nuh know how it feel
When yuh wake ina di morning
And cyaa find nuh meal
Nusic is di shield
Never give up
Put yuh shoulders to di wheel
So we keep it real
To every Gully Side keep it seal
Wappen to the babies dem weh missing
Who give di guns and di shine and di sin
Dem a point finger
Some a say a she
And some a say a him
Unu betta pray to di kings of kings
Unu betta bun out the dutty living
I love jamaica
But I nah live inna no communisting

[ Repeat Chorus:]

Me a talk
Me a said it (yeah)
Da one yah widout edit (yeah)
A dem first a beg it (yeah)
Stephen (yeah)
Me nuh care
Me a talk
Me a said it (yeah)
Da one yah widout edit (a soh we stay)
A dem first a beg it (yeah)
Brigher day, brighter day, brighter day
Brighter day (yeah)
Dis one is a true story
Da one yah nuh evil
Me step wid Jah before me
Dem cya teck me glory (yeah)
Haha… sick!