Lyrics: I-Octane – Lose Yuh Wuk

I-Octane Lose Yuh Wuk lyrics
I-Octane lyrics Lose Yuh Wuk

Jamie you affi know yo real friends dem e no
Dem have wi name ina the street a speak a speak yeh
And dem no memba when wi buss dem and tell dem fi go dweet yeh
Wa kind a man dem yah man
Wa kind a gang dem yah
How dem stay suh
Jamie how dem stay suh

Dem a talk bout yuh fi lose yuh wuk
Yuh fi lose yuh wuk
Yuh fi turn a cruff yuh fi turn a cruff
True dem caw buck you catty mi love are up
Dem no got no secret fi cover up

How dem stay suh
Yuh fi lose yuh wuk
Yuh fi lose yuh wuk
Dem she yuh fi turn a cruff yuh fi turn a cruff
True dem caw buck yuh catty fi love are up
Plus dem no have no secret fi cover up
A how dem stay suh

[Verse 1]
We never run from wi place wi firm like the tree ina the plays
Yow dem want we skull fi buss body decay
But we still bless all when dem take income tax from wi pay
Yeh we make a mistake and wi apologies
Cause the whale wa swallow junior a it dem send come fi swallow Christ
When dem deh burger king a swallow fries
We deh hill top a woll a vibes
A wa dem feel she
Nikey rebook dockers we no wear no more
Girls dem wouldn’t play up ina wi hear no more
Dem she dem circle the globe we being there before
From about five years before

[Repear Chorus]

[Verse 2]

A same way dem ridicule Marcus
A same thing the farcies dem talk up
Dem no like yuh true the black van park up
Plus dem caw jump yuh fence come ina yuh yard the rat wilder wi bark up
Yuh no affi pay fi this come chart up
Plus yuh barber green the road wa dem did mall up
Yuh naw turn yuh friends de ina gun man buy dem tall up
Because yuh put the youths dem joy first

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat intro]

[Repeat Chorus]