Lyrics: Aidonia – Militancy

Aidonia Militancy lyrics
Aidonia lyrics Militancy

Dem know how the thing go yow Diablo
Dem know how the thing go whiled whiled west you know she diddy a the gringo
Any step we step you know we meck you know we bingo


Cause gangster a gangster and coward a coward
From you a that you caw spar wid no dog
Hey bwoy from you born you no bad
When man a do road bwoy go back ina yo yard

Some bwoy no grow wid no militancy
Some bwoy no grow wid no militancy
Some bwoy no grow wid no militancy
Dem no militant you can take a minute and see

Verse 1

Man a step it ina the street bleach a night time me no rap up ina mi sheet
Hold off me place if a bwoy pass mi seat
Him hear the something nuke like she mi put it paw repeat
Me buy anything fi the size nine fi cheap
Long broom fi sweep you run from yo seat
Me no believe seh you a gangster how you fi squeal
You no real
Bad man no gal like ciceal so fi real
A relevance me be
Weh the something deh no dash it weh me seh fi give me
Town hot who laugh ina country fi weeks
And sometimes all squaddy pan the jeep affi retreat

Repeat Chorus

Cause me naw run lef me spary mi sorry
Naw inform paw mi chargy to the sargey
No information mi naw give mi naw talk
So no offer me no plea barging
Cause me secure mi place like a guardy
An mi we share out dem food give mi doggy
Mo bay man dem a some bad piece a yardy
Man a bad people so a wa dem can call me

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus