Lyrics: Vybz Kartel Ft. Tommy Lee – Betray Di Gaza Boss

Vybz Kartel featuring Tommy Lee Betray Di Gaza Boss lyrics
Vybz Kartel featuring Tommy Lee lyrics Betray Di Gaza Boss

Yow world boss
Yow Yow
You no see word comes to past?
Hmm hmph

Don’t seh you love me man me nuh love
Stop camm me name just fi get a forwud
Hypocrite Bwoy heart dutty like mud
You a nuh mi family you a nuh me blood

Them betray the gaza boss
Them get a lukkle hype and a try
Fi Disd the boss
But them fi memba seh
I am the champion ( X 3 )
Badda don weh you tell dem bwoy deh??

Verse 1
Stop talk bout gaza
Betta unu talk bout plaza
Unu a use me name fi
Mek money, but unu nuh
Rate mista palma
Every ghetto youth unu
Listen to da part ya
Nuh bite the hand wehfeed you none tall
From you she gaza mek sure you call
Palma raggabwoy hookas and paul

Anyway a streetvybz rum mi a drink
Suh me cyaa badda wid the bagga
Long talking
20 hot galto mi thing and the
Wol a them love off me colouring
Me nuh have time fi nuh bwoy weh
Nuh remember weh the worl boss
Duh fi him
Tek them from nothing to something
Bring from the ghetto guh straight a foreign

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Me memba when we deh round a
And you seh you neva neva will diss me
Inna me mind a laugh me a laugh
Cause me done know man-kind frisky
Me nuh taming, me comin like lion
And me tougher than 50 piece a tough iron
Everybody know the person that I am
Me buss people, but me nuh trust nuh man

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus Again

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus