Lyrics: Popcaan Ft. Tommy Lee – Step Like Dead

Popcaan Ft. Tommy Lee – Step Like Dead lyrics
Popcaan and Tommy Lee lyrics Step Like Dead


Popcaan tell Dj a mad move
Mad rass
No bwoy caw violate
Cho a we she empire straight

Wi have killing fi discuss popcaan wi have killing fi discuss
Bwoy dead like hibiscus people dead when bloodclaat this buss


Step like dead in a di night searching for shadow
Bwoy catch up like sprite
Bwoy swallar the allow
Gaza man dem born bad
Shoot head off a pillow
Bumbo hole better don’t play tuff r else dem a go play zero

Verse 1

Walk pan di bloodclaat list So Bad show huno seh mi just got to yuh
Mi wi buss yo throat wid mi ratchet
Weh life gone meck hell teck heavy than crane
Haha shot a lag up in a brain
Daemon blood in a mi vane
Mi rise up mi gun an meck a mad move like the fry yey dem over spain

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

Some little priest better no fu*k with the sparter side gun shot an yo face collide
3 west thugs no itch fi press wi throw bomb like a halcahide
Yow Tommy Lee mi gun ugly than chucky bride
Ina gully some bwoy affi run an hide
Popcaan wi a walk wid hi dead
It’s amazing

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus Again

Repeat Intro

Repeat Chorus


  1. Shaquille Francois

    gaza man dem born bad.

  2. me gun ugle like chucky bride.

  3. Mad ra$$

  4. “Bwoy dead like hibiscus people dead when bloodclaat this buss” that’s a bit wrong sided at the end, it’s ” people bloodclaat dead when this buss “.