Lyrics: Munga – Slap Weh

Munga lyrics Slap Weh
Munga Slap Weh lyrics

Yeh you now intune to the hot foot mixtape
Welcome am Damion A.K.A. Munga honorable gangster rass
Anywhere mi step catch a fire cause mi foot dem hot
Wi no love talk an wi no tek chat
Ruggo junior send fi di jerry come
W o

Verse 1

Yo know wi no lef that
Wi squeeze an press head drop off an blood a bleed from chest
Bwoy get murder in a 3 r less
Bore up Gucci or vest
Mi send fi mi guns from north south east and west
Every bran every color every size
Every Mack 11 every A.K every nine
Black blunt Teflon every dog mine
C**k burn pen no waste time
Wi murder dem simple


From gunshot fi beat it beat simple
Mack 11 paw repeat a dweet simple
Hot foot locking the street wi dweet simple
Cho ina song wi dweet simple
Jungles a lock di street wi dweet simple
Wan mission complete wi dweet simple
That’s how wi dweet simple

Verse 2

Touch ina di street yeh wi neat wid hi thing
But do no violate meck mi reach fi di thing
Barrel grease so it easy fi spin
One chigger press an release everything
Black tin crome blue steal everytime
Every mack 11 every A.K. every nine
Black blunt Teflon every dog mine
Weapons have different design

Repeat Chorus