Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – Born Bad

Vybz Kartel Born Bad lyrics
Vybz Kartel lyrics Born Bad dancehall

Bling di bwoy dem fi know Gaza man no play
Rivally mi a bad from the first second
The first minute
The first day claat di 25 di 16 mi buss k
Bulby tel mi she badness no muss pay
Mi she dada mi no care

Verse 1

Such mi bad from the first day
The first week
The first year
If yo dis yo affi pay like a bus fear
Shot a bun yo skin yo shirt muss tear
Mack 11 rev like a car in a first gear

Buss bumbo hole head like a hot air
Police a shot off a mi but not there
Fagan man fly duppy bat Grans pen overall in a war does not care


A pay dead body pan di ground
People life a done
All mi gun seh blood fi run
Gaza man no play
Di rifle naw delay
A water ford mi trade like cocaine mi trade yo brain

Verse 2
From a war yo start hi naw stop
Anywhere yo stand up a deh so yuh a go drop
Yo caw stand up out a di bus stop
The shop no deh far an yo caw go a shop
Yo affi start spend money paw taxy caw yo cant walk in a my eye top
If yo go portmore fi go check sprat yow a my link that so yo still a get nack
Chop him up fine and fling him in a bush
Fi yo rotten an stink an swell up an pop
Anybody dis leng get a puss nap
Yo bruck like board yow look in a di road
Weh yo deh when maypen did hot
Clear in a night man dem a buss gun shot
When di man dem a buck nat Blood start boil up like porridge in a di pot

Repeat Chorus
Repeat verse 1

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus Again