Lyrics: Stylysh – Me a wife

Stylysh Me a wife lyrics
Stylysh lyrics Me a wife

Some Gal a wife a yard
But Wi a wife a road
Nick photoworks tek mi picture wid mi an mi man a pose.
A Stylsh

You know we have wi huzzie
Dat Simply mean say wi a wife
Dat Simply mean say wi a wife, Don’t
Dat Simply mean

Mi nuh care bout a gal cause a mi a wear di ring
Dem gi weh dem ting like say dem a trow offering
But, no gal cant tek mi man from me
no gal cant tek mi man from me
Look how mi cute, look how mi neat, look how mi fine
Why you tink mi man love cause mi kill him wid di wine
no gal cant tek mi man from me
no gal cant tek mi man from me

Verse 1
A gal a hype but a chat she a chat
She cant talk inna mi face or knock my back
Body kotch up like ole watnot
Out-dated like some sixties clock
She and har fren dem share di same frock
Bout she own di man, di man noh come back
Buss a blank cause you good like dat
And you man tell you dat,
A wha tek some gully rat

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
A just soso loving dem a get
Nah collect noh check, mi and mi man nah lef
Only ting can part us, dem fi know say a death
Stylsh nah siddown and fret
So any weh you see my man
And fell seh you a treat
You better know how fi position and set
Dem a noh goodas ole wrech as dem a pure man dem a ketch
My life it well corposet

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1