Lyrics: Fambo Ft. Unga & Mavado – This Life

Fambo Ft. Unga & Mavado This Life lyrics
Fambo Ft. Unga & Mavado lyrics This Life

Intro Mavado

Yea, whoo hooo
In my life,
I been through ups and downs
but they would never ever
they could never ever see me go down.
So look out for bad-mind fren
a fake smile dem a gih yuh
pon yuh face dem waan see yuh
dem nuh real
when dem see yuh money kill yuh.
Oh God dem a evil
from so many people.
Like di wind and di speed,
Fambo dah one yah lead
Jah bless yuh indeed
your kids haffi feed.
I wish daddy was around
to see him son lock it down
I made it on my own
and now I’m not alone
In dis life

Life, this life
The life dat we living the people we meet
In this life (I love this life yeh), this life
Cherish the moment the love when mi token
This life (Live it up, I love this life, I live this life)
The life that we living the people we meet
In this life
I love this life I live this life I live it right yeah

Verse 1 Fambo
People say they care but dem neva yet there
So many have but dem neva yet share
Strive for yuh goal and don’t be scared
Remember the days when I live nowhere
Lord spare my life and give me strength
So I can feed my kids and pay ma rent
When ma babymodda thought I was cheating
I was so innocent.


Verse 2 Unga
Yeah yeah
Some people not there when you hurted
So love the ones who always are there
Cause when your darkness turns a light
Fakers will be coming yeah
Because of your success in life

Verse 3 Fambo
What you put in is what you get
Fight for my life, blood, tears and sweat
Two thing sure is life and death
People don’t understand yet
I live my life without regrets
I put the lord in all my steps
So watch yuh fi di wicked
evil bad-mine people and the trap they set.


Outro: (x3)

I love the life
I love the life
I love this life