Lyrics: Khago – Tax In A My World

Khago Tax In A My World lyrics
Khago lyrics Tax In A My World dancehall

A no Gallis dem
A no gallis dem
A navies dem

Dem affi pay tax inna my world
You make me tell yo supn bout fi dem girl
Me she dem affi pay tax ina our world
A mi a love her up an meck shi toe curl

Verse 1
Mi she mi buck di catty pan tour
Mi she mi touch di stage an get a dousing encore
Shi come over to me an she rasta yo look pure
A from deh such di thing wid him an I no look so sure
Bring her up ina mi motel
Shi she khago yo sport well
Mi drop are pan di water bed mi she……….yo can float well
Shi she di bwoy know everybody business
Come fix my business
Now shi all over me like lotion
Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Di gal dem she mi smooth like silk
Dem she dem love mi voice like fi garnet silk
Dem she dem love mi daily
Yo shouldn’t carry yo catty near mi
Catty she shin naw change shi deh pan my team
An every gal a mine in a fi dem scheme
Di life wa mi a live dem only can dream
Shi a dixy to mi caffeine
Cause shi know mi a baller
Such mi ratings taller
Everything taller
The boy eat are like iguana

Repeat Chorus

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