Lyrics: I-Octane – Love Di Vibes

We love Di Vibes
It Siccck
Yow mi a call frass enuh
Yow biggs

First ting, stop a gas station
Full up di tank, plus a pack a condom
Real Jamaican, draw fi di haitian
Den we party all nite just like we a Bajans

Cah we love di vibes
when we a touch inna di streets
with mi four pretty gal dem
We love di vibes when gal a model
and a whine, with dem clothes pretty pon dem
We love di vibes
We Love di Vibes
Stop a car wash yeah
clean up out ride
Dem say we boasty
But we love the hype
Couple RR, so love the bike
Verse 1
Yow the vibes right so we a stop a couple party
Me and mi tuggs and couple shorty
A katty like mi off and a bubble pon me
Send fi har friend put a double pon me
Inna mi straight jeans and mi air force
weh mi bring down
A month end so mi just get mi income
Gal say she love mi, got the sindrome
From mi pull up a Windom everything done

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
We got money and mi fren dem got to
Baby place you order Elvis got you
Memba we famous like the liberty of statue
So baby whine mek mi watch you
And drop it pon the floor some more
and come up back
You love dah tune yah baby
send go pull up dat
Si mi cup yah bartender full up dat
Yah, we nah go home back

Repeat Chorus

Repeat intro

Repeat Chorus