Lyrics: Demarco – 411

Demarco 411 lyrics

Watch the 411
When wi touch road spend more than grand
Us Some bwoy come a boast paw man
Dem no know a rose battle wi a toast paw sand

Alright watch the 411
One thing mi know dem caw program man
True dem no si mi a crush road how long
Real gangster no bwoy caw study mi motion


What a gwan a road thrust mi mi no know paddy
But one thing mi know she dem no more than mi
Yeh ice paw mi risk dem si the gold paw mi
Mi no step wid less than white coal paw mi

Everygal wan fling dem soul paw mi
Mi no game caw put control paw mi
Mi career tun up yeh man globally
The gal dem love mi totally

Verse 2

Flossing rule number one yo affi have a battle ina yo hand
Pocket have in more than ten grand
Yeh rule number two yo caw drunk off a whole bag a man
An the gal dem no have no liquor in a dem hand
Cho alright 3 fi the thugs dem wa alright peeps
Buss it up from the thing dem no jam !!!! Blow Blow Blow!!!
Fore yo affi bi ambitious from yo poor
Lickle more mi a go tell yo in a the song

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

Cho alright five affi love god an love yo life
An so the real hustlers dem a go strive
Rule number six
Fi drive expensive with no man no fi deh kiss yo paw yo lip
Lucky seven then nine caw wi no hate on people no time
Bad mine company no join
Boom down the line Meck mi tell yo bout number ten
Wi a spend wi a spend wi a spend

Repeat chorus

Repeat verse 2

Repeat chorus