Lyrics: Christopher Martin – Chill Spot

Reggae artist Christopher Martin lyrics for his single “Chill Spot.”
Chill Spot official lyrics.

Some days a the week will be bad days
Nothing at all naw go my way
Mi fell like give give up
Throw in the towel and give up
When mi work just a stress mi
A mi girl naw cores mi
Yow mi have a few spots weh mi rally back
And all a mi problem dem leff mi

So mi big up the corner shop
Big up mi lane big up mi block
Big up any weh yo can chill woll a vibes and bill
Release yo stress an relax
A mi she big up the barber shop
Big up the ball field weh the ballers at
Before mi go home a deh so mi stop
Release mi mind an relax
A mi chill spot
Verse 1
Every body have somewhere
Where they go when they feel there’s no way out
Fi laugh an chat
An fi get bout all a the struggles dem face throughout the day
Yuh affi have a home away from home
Six pack an six a drop in a domino
Sing along then from yo know that
Yo affi have yo chill spot

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Meck mi tell yo bout spots like these
Calm yo down an put yo mind at ease
Work a kill yo yo want breeze
Start watc hi clock an a ramp wid yo keys
An as yo reach yo just free up
Hold a vibes wid yo friends an a live up
Now wi all a sing along now cause wi know that
Wi affi have wi chill spot

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Anywhere yo go to kill some time
To release some pressure off yo mind
Every evening at the same time
You can find me at my spot
Chillin on my block
Repeat chorus