Lyrics: Popcaan – The system

Lyrics for Popcaan song “The system.”

Sad to say
But, white people ah bawl
Indian people ah bawl,
Black people ah bawl
Chinese people ah bawl.
Di system, design fi set we up
yeaaaa dem give we di guns and
Dem same one come wet we up yaaaaa

Dreskull wey di system do fi ghetto yute? Nutten.
wey dem do fi ghetto yute? Nutten.
Every day anodda madda bawl
dem don’t do nutten at all , yea
We’ve been suffering from we small.

Verse 1
some think sey a bed a rose
through pretty clothes inna me closet.
none ah dem nah see me pain, further more dem neva ask yet.
silence ah di baddest weapon so yuh know wey mi do, mi talk less.
Man ah work every day dung ah wharf and a three grand a week dem a accept.
Dem nuh waan me fi build mama house don’t waan mi fi own no assets.
Sufferation everywhere mi tun so give thanks to Jah when yuh passeth.
suh ghetto yute don’t mek nuh silly plans
believe in yourself be ah man,
dem waan we fi dead pon di road
dem don’t waan we fi mek billions.


Verse 2:
If we sell weed ah problem dat
if we do a robbery a problem dat
d whole world a pray fi di problem stop.
Nobody nuh cater fi solving dat
innocent yute ah receive gunshots
mama haffi dress up inna white and black
oh Gad tyaad fi go ah Dovecot.yaaaaaa

Repeat Intro
Repeat Verse 2