Lyrics: Lady Saw – Train You Man

Lady Saw lyrics for her song “Train You Man.”

School start
Mi tell you man seh fi hold mi soh
Mi tel you man seh fi set mi soha
Mi tell you man nuh fi let mi goh
A who you a chat to soh?

Gal, Mi train you man fi you
But you are so ungrateful
A me give him di ukcrow slime
Medina mixup wid di red bull
Mi teach him fi hold it longer
Mi show him fi wine wid power
Mi have you man all a sweat fi a hour
Me train you man, Gal

Verse 1
Him did lame, new to di game
Weak inna di waist so mi pump up di vain
Him could’nt aim, could’nt mentain
Never know the use of the good sugar cane
So, mi put him under mi training
Play mi song its raining
It’s Raining my body is calling
After dat a pure hot gal trail hi

Verse 2
You should be honoured that I slept with him
Am the hottest chick who ever mess with him
Him graduate from mi college
Work out a mi gym, look pon you man how him trim
Mi teach him how fi tump it up
Balance pon mi neck like a dumpa truck
Mi nuh si di reason why you a cuss
Mi deh wid you man is a plus

Verse 3
If a never me you wouldn’t start begg him fi more
A me mek him know bout cheeks to the floor
A me mek him know bout hard to di core
Me mek him swing from hinches to door
Mi gi him di good education
While you gi him medication
Mi a you man insperation
Mi nuh inna no conversation

repeat Chorus

Mi train you man
mI train you man
A Me train you man
You can’t tame you man