Lyrics: Movado – What’s love

Mavado official lyrics for the single “What’s Love.”


Seh Shi done wid love
Money is are last need
Ina the night mi a sleep in a the middle a mi dream
Shi take weh mi chain
She mi do are the same
Mi take weh di necklace an mash up are brain
Wi both wile an caw tame
Mi realize is a reckless game

Verse 1

Lets talk about love
Lets talk about how much time yo cheat paw mi
Mi do road an come home
An yo chat bout yo smell something sweet pw mi
She yo si icky paw mi an a threatened mi seh fi drop a sleep an si
An a seh mi left yo lonely
When yo know she yo deh wid the neighbor tony


Whats love whats love gots to do
Between me and you
Whats love gots to do

Verse 2

So am gonna tell everybody the kinda girl you are
Yeh Delilah am o tell everybody yo left mi for a car
Wa meck yo wicked so
She don’t love no body
She just enjoyin her self
Same thing shi do to muggy shi go do it to somebody else

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

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  1. lets talk abt L.O.V.E.