Lyrics: Mavado – All Faces

Dancehall star Mavado lyrics for the song “All Faces.”

Its gonna be a money year for me yuh know
We the Best..ha
Check it out

First you make the paper
Then you stock the money
Got to build a house on a hundred acres
build it for my mommy
si, I dont wanna be like no worthless boy
Mi nah gal out my own
Aint nothing in this worl can mek dis joy
Like di benz wid the rims dem chrome

Verse 1
So me seh
Stocking up, all faces, tru mi mek mi money dem a wonda
you nuh si mi money nuff
All faces a kick dem like a kong-fu panda
Nuff people si mi and fronze
Even kiss dem teeth
More sold out seat, just to hear god speak
Mi dream house deh pon di hill and dat aint cheap
The stone wall from a far, is like a hundred feet
Mi have mi haters heart a leap second a thound beat
Mi diamonds a speak this is redemtion street
Well this is god pay back, listen god son’s speak
Nuff a dem try touch mi style, all now dem voice cant peak

Verse 2

A wise man once told me
My mom once schold me, son
Grow-up and be a man, she hold me
So am here to take back from this World what it owes mi
Like, relaxing inna mi house inna jahcuzzi
Now am happy as can be and this is far out spell
Black glass cover mi eyes so no one can tell
Now its 12:59 so its time for the bell
Mi wash mi rice put in di pot, the rice start swell
In other words mi do the music and it start sell
Now mi mek the most hit and the world can tell
If a noh me a mus me ni–a Vybz Kartel
A we have the place a shell

Repeat Chorus

Kingston Jamaica
We the Best
DJ Chrome