Lyrics: I-Octane & Bounty Killer – Badmine Dem A Pree

The official lyrics for Bounty Killer and I-Octane collaborative single “Badmine Dem A Pree” produced by Buju Banton’s son, Markus Myrie.

Yow killa a pree ments a gwan hi no
That mi a si
A camera that
A journalist

Verse 1

Yow dem a watch we an wi naw watch dem
Dem a chat we an win naw chat dem
Wan wi drop down dead yow wi laugh at dem
Yow killa set di dog at dem

Octane wi a cause problem cause some bwoy love chat like a parrot dem
Well parasites know wi cross from when
Wi a send demons go a hell


Bad mine dem a pree dem a pree dem a pree
If dem could dem would a beat one a we
When wi step in a di street wid bees wallabies
Dem si wi an a shake like leaf pan a tree

Verse 2

Well she viral try rise against the general
Instigator no call pan di federal
An wan bleach paw wi life like methasol
An a dying fi wi blood run like mineral

Marcus a this dem a carry feelings fa true we neva deal in crack
Plus a shingles paw wi sealing top
A hobia dem a work read psalms a di healing that

Well mi seeth seh yo gwan bad in yo mine
Wan picture my congo yo mad in yo mine
Yo fi low the devil works a jah yo fi find
Cause Jah protect wi every time

Yow a better dem give up give up give up
Tell penance mine dem teeth deduct
My life span none a dem naw reduct
Side step when dem come a laugh an a grin up

Verse 3

Bad mine dem chat wi regular
Wan wi dead like battery paw cellular
Tell dem treat wi ready fa Cause wi have things wa heavier wa heavier
So when dem a trace like bay sissy Jenifer
Member she fi wi dog dem no have no replica
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Pit wa dem dig fi wi life dem fell in a yo thing dem meck cell in a
Octane ghetto youths a do dem thing an dem a build bad mine
But fi carry grudge is not a will of mine
Give dem a few months dem wi perish in that time
Yo could a never chad the righteous hill bad mine

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus

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