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Beenie Man On Bowing To Gays: “Unnu need fi try it sometimes”, Talks Visa & Busy Signal [Video]

Dancehall self proclaim King Beenie Man has stepped forward to explain his recent public apology to the gay community. During an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage, Beenie also opens up about getting back his United States work permit, Busy Signal arrest, touring and performing on Reggae Sumfest.

According to Beenie, his so called apology is nothing more than a statement of remorse.

“If yo step pon a man two yo affi tell him sorry mi don,” Beenie Man told Winford. “If yo hurt a man feelings and him come to yo an seh bredren yo hurt mi feelings. As a man yo affi look pon him and tell him seh yow mi neva meant fi hurt feelings, because we are all human beings.”

Beenie Man says he has grown tired of getting the same harassment all over the world from gays who also owns the venues and clubs he is performing in.

“When I did this thing it wasn’t a Jamaican thing, it naan mek no sense,” Beenie said. “If me want the park in New York, di man weh yo a talk to married to a man inno… boom yo talk to him now and him ago look pon yo an seh, “but Beenie Man no you seh execute gays”… this is what I get all over the world. The shows that we need fi do we are not on it dread, the 170000 people and the 200000 people we are not seeing them, we only a si 5000 people an 10000 people. That is where we coming from in 1995, we been there done that… If we want to do that we affi accept people like how we want them to accept us.”

When ask what he has to say about those who think he bowed, Beenie says: “unnu need fi try it sometimes.”

Peep interview below.


  1. I check the sad reality of adult men trying to s-x up under-age girl-children in JA a WAY more nasty situation than so-called ‘b–ty-man problem’…but ain’t no one chatting up that on the mike @ a dance, true?

  2. black for get about slavery, in bob marley days it was about slavery. black people are not free.black is still suffering all over the world. reggae getting weak , jamaican are not strong any more. not respecting the jamaican culture. you trying to adapt an american culture and this will cause a reactionand the singing will go down by god if they continue to dispect mother nature.