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Popcaan – Coolie Gal [New Music]

Dancehall star Popcaan loves coolie girls in his new track “Coolie Gal,” on the riddim of the same name produced by UIM Records.


Di coolie wine mi want
Gal go hard every time
wine up yo body from yo feel alright

Gal da body de mi well want up
Yo pretty lickle garden mi waan plant up
Pon Facebook di whole her friend dem post up
From dem reach a mi yaad dem never waan cut

Listen full song below.


  1. movado run go back home

  2. luv u apopann

  3. majamaaz wach aut 4 thiz.

  4. Kamol Girlboss Lewis

    why pree girlboss.

  5. Nice music from Popcaan Empire.