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Buzz Worthy: Lyricson – Get The Prize [Video]

French reggae star Lyricson recently premiere the video for his single “Get The Prize.”

The video was shot in the suburbs of Paris. Lyricson said the video means a lot to him because it inspired youths to go after their dreams.

“What inspired me is really the struggles we have to face in life and the fact that people hardly ever see all the work it takes to make dreams come true,” Lyricson told Urban Islandz. “But the main message is nothing is impossible and whatever your background, you can reach any goals set if you have the will and faith. I think it s important to keep the youths aware of their abilities.”

Watch video below


  1. Di tune and video have a good vibe… do yo thing yute.

  2. Izone Greenleaf-Sound

    MADDDDD !!!!

  3. Izone Greenleaf-Sound

    MADDDDD !!!!