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Bounty Killer Drop New Beenie Man Diss Track ” Shut Up” [Audio]

Just when fans are beginning to get bored, the Warlord came to the rescue with a new Beenie Man diss track.

Bounty Killer drop the new track “Shut Up” today and already started a buzz around it.

“Unnu know mi no inna no bag a talking, no bag a long intro, yo put yo money weh yo mouth de quatro cinco… shut up, Shebada seh yo buss up, black blunt teflon inna yo dem stuff up, kill him already kill him again anno buck up, walk and a limp like inna yo something stuck up… yo use to wear Carlene draws and all skirt, talk bout doctor fassy yo a nurse,” Bounty Killer deejay over an old school dancehall beat.

Listen track below.

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  1. nofin a go guan..respect bounty.