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Beenie Man Counteract Bounty Killer “Sh*t Up” [Audio]

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer are giving fans some much needed clash and comedy in dancehall.

The Doc respond to Bounty Killer’s latest diss track “Shut Up” with his own version called “Sh*t Up.”

“Killer yo know seh busy a send yo di wrong signal, how yo fi mix up badman name wid shebada name, mi no sing bout ba**y man mi can tell yo something… Killer yo mouth sh*t up, toilet pit up, Angel lef yo cuz yo c*ck couldn’t get up, anytime she waan f*ck she seh yo tongue stiff up, anyweh wi buck yo throat go slit up… Bounty man a bad man wicked man but yo a gyal toy, milk powder badman lasco lasoy,” Beenie Man deejay.

Listen track below.


  1. aaaaaah maaaaaaad reply 4rm di docter….

  2. dem need fi stop the bullsh-t cause its just going to lead to more fighting among fhe fans.