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Tony Matterhorn Diss Bounty Beenie “Milli Vanilli” [Audio]

Dancehall sound systerm selector/deejay Tony Matterhorn is no stranger to beef in dancehall. The always outspoken deejay is looking to take on dancehall heavy weights Bounty Killer and Beenie Man with a new diss track called “Milli Vanilli.”

“Ninja Kid a wah wi ago do wid dem grandfather yah, zeekie a wah happen to dem, a wha happen to di dancehall queen… Angel use di two a unnu and left unnu and unnu a worry bout she,” Matterhorn said in the intro.

“Milli Vanilli dem two old bwoy yah silly, Bounty and Beenie a two silly billy,” Matterhorn deejay.

Listen full track below.


  1. deal with dem matterhorn.

  2. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Always said Dancehall was only MADE OF THIS – TRACING PEOPLE’S DRAWERS OFF! SMH, this is the diet we feed our nation on. But what the heck, Dancehall appears not to be run on intelligence. Can somebody please give me the count of how many of our Dancehall ACT(OR)S are in this TRACING MATCH crap? So many adults men with nothing to teach our nation’s children but how to be bad mind, full of rage, wrath, enmity, fury and violence. In the end there can be only one…BRING BACK REGGAE MUSIC it will last forever!

  3. loking for dealth trap go ahead.

  4. matterhorn stupid cant disss bounty and bennie man bouny killer is to much for matterhorn.

  5. sit down matterhorn.go raise some dj u likkle sef.the twins kill u and u want d war legend.

  6. Adrian Loverboy Smith

    matterhorn a teck on d legent dem.

  7. Adrian Loverboy Smith

    matterhorn a teck on d legent dem.

  8. matterhorn a teck on d legent dem.

  9. but what happen to matterhorn….. want to beef…. boss man best you remain as a dancehall dj….