Bounty Beenie War Turn Up… Beenie Says Killer “A Waste Man” Drop “Cah Puff Mi Chest” [Audio]

Do You Think The Beenie Man And Bounty Killer War is back on the front burner?

Beenie Man drop a new Bounty Killer diss track called “Cah Puff Mi Chest,” where he holds nothing back.

“Bounty Killer yo a waste man… a mi seh mi nuh talk too long… mi nuh trace inna song a sing mi sing song,” Beenie Man said in the intro.

“Yo cah puff mi chest yo cah beat mi, Bounty yo have a eating disorder yo freaky, gyal use yo tongue and spread carpet weekly, yo teeth dem soon drop out yo too greedy,” Beenie deejay.

The Grammy-winning deejay said D’Angel told him personally about these claims.

Peep track below.