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Bounty Beenie War Turn Up… Beenie Says Killer “A Waste Man” Drop “Cah Puff Mi Chest” [Audio]

Do You Think The Beenie Man And Bounty Killer War is back on the front burner?

Beenie Man drop a new Bounty Killer diss track called “Cah Puff Mi Chest,” where he holds nothing back.

“Bounty Killer yo a waste man… a mi seh mi nuh talk too long… mi nuh trace inna song a sing mi sing song,” Beenie Man said in the intro.

“Yo cah puff mi chest yo cah beat mi, Bounty yo have a eating disorder yo freaky, gyal use yo tongue and spread carpet weekly, yo teeth dem soon drop out yo too greedy,” Beenie deejay.

The Grammy-winning deejay said D’Angel told him personally about these claims.

Peep track below.


  1. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Well, if Bounty Killer thought he was the only one who knew what vicious meant, Beenie Man has certainly spoken. However, It is sad that Moses feels it is important to inform both fans that the wife he has now lost divulged oral sex practises between herself and her former lover when in my view, once that is one’s sexual norm, it is unlikely that the absence of it won’t threaten the sexual satisfaction level a new relationship, ergo Moses, the whole a unnu need fe stop villify sexual practises because it is now internationally known that those who throw stones usually or actually reside in gla$$ houses! Try noh come convince me that you don’t eat too! It won’t wurk! And unless you reconcile with Michelle, she not gwine back you up either! SMH at unnu illiteracy level!

  2. Beenie….and the Killer….Beenie lyrics….Vicious!

  3. Oral Djpeas Wilson