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VIDEO: Ity & Fancy Cat Roast Beenie Man, Doc Says “Leave Marco Dean Alone”

WARNING: Prepare To Laugh Out Loud

Jamaica’s funniest comedy duo, Ity & Fancy Cat, did a comedy skit on Beenie Man and his estrange marriage to D’Angel. The comedy skit apparently has not gone down well with Beenie Man, who has been the center of laughter in dancehall recently.

“Ity and Fancy Cat need to leave Marco Dean outta dem comedy ting. I am an international artiste so if dem want to ridicule me, that is fine, that is no problem, but not my son. That was in really bad taste, and dem need fi know wah dem a do because dem a diss my family now. My son is only four years old, him attend school, and dem a try disrespect my family and have Jamaica ah laugh after me and my family. Whatever dem a do, dem need fi just leave Marco Dean outta it,” Beenie Man said of the skit.

The comedy duo also did spoofs of D’Angel, Bounty Killer and Shebada aka The Other One.

Watch some hilarious footage below form the skit.


  1. lol

  2. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Ity and Fancy, SHAME ON YOU…..unless you don’t understand that this is insult to injury, never thought you needed to make comedy of the marital distress of others to establish fame…put this in reverse, cuz your day will surely come….rated G-

  3. Andre Boomout Daley

    This one ya gone….

  4. Andre Boomout Daley

    This one ya gone….

  5. Felechia Martin-Holman

    me weak!:D