Drama: Miss France Hating On Miss Angola Leila Lopes

Last Monday (Sept 12), Miss Angola Leila Lopes created history after she was crowned Miss Universe 2011. Lopes is the first African to take home the prestigious pageant title.

The victory did not come easy, as criticism begins to mount, including from one of the top 10 finalist, Miss France Laury Thilleman.

According to French Magazine ‘Premiere’, Laury Thilleman has insinuated that Leila didn’t deserve the win.

“She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much; she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win. Many girls made efforts that were not rewarded. I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament. The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.”

Miss Universe judge, Lea Salonga, gave an interview to Funfare in which she says she believes that the contestants and the public should respect the judges’ decision, as it was made fairly.

“We were told to judge them all objectively. What I now don’t understand is the brouhaha following the pageant’s conclusion”, she said. “Everyone needs to respect the judges’ decision. I stand by my ranking.”

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  3. Why do these Barbie dolls wannabes hating on the nubian queen? Miss France listen up. When you are naturally beautiful YOU DON’T NEED ENHANCEMENTS! When you are comfortable in your own skin and love the person you are, you don’t need anyone else’s perception of being beautiful. As Gasper Cruz has been telling all his pageant beauties – “Be your own kind of beautiful” WOOP WOOP MISS ANGOLA you have the crown honey, work your show, its nobody else’s.

  4. True Kadia she doesn’t know that God don’t like ugly and good always prevail over evil

  5. See that’s why you didn’t win you’re not very pretty on the inside, with your fake tan and your fake extensions and your fake personality, natural beauty wins out everytime.

  6. Miss France needs to go get a life… She’s just jealous and she needs to know that jealous ppl grow to be very ugly not that she is pretty… And so what if Miss angola doesn’t wear make-up daily; she is already beautiful… Come on cry baby move on u big everlasting Loser…

  7. so what if d girl don’t want to wear make up she is already pretty..u guys wear make up to look beautiful.

  8. Miss France shut the Hell up and Leila is a beautiful girl she doesn’t the cake up make up like most of you all. She is comfortable in her skin so what. Your a sore loser. Congrats Miss Angola.