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Mavado Says Big Up Alliance, “Mi An Killa Could Neva War” [Video]

In his first TV interview since the alleged feud between him and the Alliance general Bounty Killer, Mavado says there is no feud.

Speaking with Winfred Williams of On Stage, Vado said himself and Bounty Killer will never war.

“Mavado and Killa could neva war,” Mavado said in Jamaican patois. “Mi nuh think a person could live long enough fi si dat happen. Even though at times things happen and things nuh work out same time, but at the end of the day yo naan go si Mavado war wid Killa. Wi always remember where wi coming from no matter where wi at in life.”

Mavado also address the alleged bribe of a Montego Bay man he accused of beating over the summer.

Watch interview below.


  1. big up killa mi general a u set di foundation suh no disrespect.

  2. maaaaaaaaaaad du road mi seh gully lost wi lost dem.

  3. yes, di man man ah know who fi respect..

  4. mavado afi big up bounty mi general.

  5. Chieff Medie GullyGad

    Add a comment…big up mavado.

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