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Not An Easy Road… Buju Banton Still In Transit

Incarcerated reggae superstar Buju Banton is still in transit and not in a Mississippi prison as previously reported.

According to information obtained from the Bureau of Prisons, Banton is currently inthe custody of US Marshals at an undisclosed location.

Federal Judge James Moody requested the singer to serve his sentence in Florida, but the Bureau of Prisons revealed that there was a shortage of beds at the Florida correctional facility.

Buju Banton was believed to be serving his 10 years sentence in Mississippi after he was transferred to the Adams County Correctional Center last month.

Buju, whose real name is Mark Myrie, has since requested to be placed in a facility in South Florida.

Buju Banton was convicted earlier this year on three counts of drug trafficking charges and sentence to 10 years behind bars.

Listen Buju Banton “Not An Easy Road” below.


  1. unchained spirit…Buju everywhere, babylon down down down.

  2. free my man Banton!