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Lisa Hyper On Pregnant Rumors, “Mi haffi get rich first”

Dancehall female deejay Lisa Hyper has stepped forward to address recent rumors claiming she is pregnant.

The former Portmore Empire deejay, who is battling stomach ulcer, says the rumors are false

“I am 22 years old and am giving myself four more years before I get pregnant,” she told the Star. “Mi naah run dung nuh family. Check mi wen mi a 26.”

Hyper said her weight gain is a result of her poor eating practices and not because she is knocked up.

“I spend a lot of time in the studio working on my album without eating, until late in the nights, and I mostly eat junk food like KFC, so that is why I put on weight,” she said. “Mi naah have nuh baby until mi have mi money and mi house. Mi haffi get rich first, and I don’t want more than two children either.”

Hyper was recently hospitalise because of a stomach ulcer illness. She is currently working on her upcoming album The Realest B.I.T.C.H.

Other artistes set to appear at the show include Turbulence and Fantan Mojah, among others.

She also says that any artiste who wants to be part of the event should contact her.

See some recent pics of Lisa Hyper below.



  1. she want some cow skin n bean n yam… please gain more weight.

  2. Felechia Martin-Holman

    sorry 2 hear she wuz sicc…yay! on the weight gain 🙂