Teyana Taylor Gets Bloody After Fighting With Movie Director

Singer/actress Teyana Taylor was allegedly involved in a physical altercation last week while filming her new movie.

According to reports, Taylor was in pain, suffering from a tooth ache and wanted to go home but the director, Jean-Claude La Marre, refused to let her go , which is when things got heated.

TMZ reported that the 20-year-old asked multiple times to be taken home by car service — and when La Marre continually refused to allow that … she got in his face and started shouting. Teyana claims La Marre shouted back, “Don’t fing scream at me bi–h” … and pushed her in the face, hitting her aching tooth.

La Marre claims he only defended himself … AFTER Teyana “jumped on me and began swinging” — but says he never hit her.Whoever started it .. we’re told several crew members had to separate them. Teyana says during the scrap her shirt was torn open (above), she got popped in the nose and mouth — and the blood ended up on her denim shorts.