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Beenie Man: “Mi Wife Send Mi Divorce Papers” [Video]

Dancehall’s self proclaim king, Beenie Man, and his wife of five years are apparently getting a divorce this time for real.

Not only did a source close to the couple confirmed this to Urban Islandz, but the Doc also confirmed that the divorce papers are in.

In a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Beenie Man said his wife send him the papers last week.

“Divorce papers send, mi no know if mi fi signed it yet,” Beenie Man said in Jamaican patois. “Mi woman seh she need mi fi come out a her life, so mi come out a her life and go look someone else.”

Beenie Man said he will not disclosed the reasons behind the split, but disclosed that he will share custody of their son Marko Dean with his soon to be ex-wife.

The couple has before separated and got back together once. Is this time for real? Beenie Man have the answer in the video below.


  1. bennie just never let u problem get u down stay focus, u memba dah bounty deh.

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  5. heaven full of angel so don’t worry beenie.

  6. mi deh yah fi all di girls ‘ link up now ; I don’t mean to be rude’.