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Chase Cross Fired More Shots At Bounty Killer, “Kill The Link” [Audio]

Gullyside rising deejay/rapper Chase Cross has fired more shots at the warlord Bounty Killer in a new diss track called “Kill The Link” send to Urban Islandz from the Gully.

“From the dept a di gutter, these b*tch n*ggas trouble me, and its war time war crime,” Chase cross said in the intro, before unleashing a slew of diss towards the iconic dancehall star. “Dem nuh bad only gyal dem beat, blood run like water from catherine peak, middle a di day wid mi K inna di street, step pon payday and kill out killa teeth… nuh long mouth bwoy mi nuh fraid a star.”

Listen track below.

Bounty Killer release a response to Chase Cross first diss track earlier this week called “Chase Crosses”

Listen below.

Comments on who take the first rounds below.